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There is blame to be shared equally for both the physician and the patient in this scenario. The physician should have recognized that the elderly couple would not have the technical know-how to access the health portal and followed through with a call to ensure that the patient could access her health portal, thereby guaranteeing meaningful use of the electronic records. On the other hand, the patient is responsible for their own health, and assuming that the physician will call you when they clearly stated that they would not even if they needed to come back in for a reevaluation. The online health portal makes the patient more active with their own health. According to Greene and Hibbard (2012), the more active a patient is in regards to their own health, the better their health outcomes are likely to be. This activity includes patients seeking information on their own health, like accessing their health records online. Electronic health records that are accessible by the patient are a large step forward in making people accountable for their own health, so it should be continued. However, there are barriers to successful implementation. According to Chu, Huber, Mastel-Smith, and Cesario (2009), elderly adults and lower socioeconomic communities have unequal access to and training with technology. This difference can often produce anxiety, especially when the patient’s health is at stake. Chu et al. conducted a five week educational intervention to train communities on using technology and they found that their intervention lowered anxiety, raised computer confidence, and raised efficacy in using computers. While a program like this may not be available to most communities that health care providers serve, it is a start in developing a way to reach out to those who would otherwise be stranded in the Information Age.

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