Paper 1: Ecology and Society

Paper 1: Ecology and Society


Visit the journal Ecology and Society. This web site presents the journal and includes research articles, debates, and discussions from many ecologists. Find any prior issue and choose one article about a particular topic (Look to the upper right corner for the header titled “Find Back Issues” then click on any of the blue issue number links to see the articles for that issue). For this assignment you must choose a primary research article. Do not choose a review or opinion paper!

Paper Assignment Guidelines

Paper Assignment Guidelines

The following guidelines should be followed for all paper assignments in this course:

  • Length: Between 1 and 3 full pages (not including the header and literature cited)
  • Font: Times New Roman, 12 point
  • Spacing: Double
  • Margins: 1 inch on all sides
  • Format: APA or MLA (your choice)

All papers must be submitted to the appropriate Dropbox by 11:59 pm CT Sunday of their assigned week. Papers will be submitted to TurnItIn for plagiarism detection. Papers will be graded on completeness, formatting, spelling and sentence structure.

Scoring Guide

The following rubric will be used to evaluate all paper submissions in this course.


“A” Paper – 30 Points

“B” Paper – 26 Points

“C” Paper – 23 Points

“D” Paper – 20 points


Paper submitted on time.

Paper submitted on time.

Paper submitted on time.

Paper submitted on time.


Thoughts well-developed and highly organized.

Lacks clear organization or thoughts not well-developed.

Lacks clear organization or  thoughts not well-developed.

Too brief and shows no organization.


Fully addresses all required elements and topics.

Does not fully address all required elements and topics.

Does not address required elements or topics.

Incomplete, lacks required elements, fails to address topics.


Spelling and grammatical errors are rare.

Some spelling or grammatical errors but no effect on clarity of writing.

Several spelling or grammatical errors that impede clarity of writing.

Poor grammar and frequent misspellings. Very unclear writing.


Well-written, Demonstrates mastery of concepts.

Paper may not flow, but shows sufficient understanding of concepts.

A confused paper, shows a lack of understanding of concepts.

Fails to demonstrate any knowledge of concepts.


All non-text sources cited appropriately, including websites.

Non-text sources included but not cited sufficiently.

Non-text sources included but not cited.

Non-text sources not included.


Paper meets all published formatting requirements listed in the syllabus to include length, font type and font size.

Paper fails to follow one formatting requirement (length, font size, font type).

Paper fails to follow two formatting requirements.

Paper fails to follow formatting requirements and is at or less than 1/2 page in length.

Evaluating the use of local ecological knowledge to monitor hunted tropical-forest wildlife over large spatial scales

Luke Parry and Carlos A. Peres

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