Original Research proposal and Paper

For the final project, you will be preparing a research paper on a topic in marine biology that holds a particular interest for you, whether personally or professionally

you must submit a thesis statement, a rough outline of the paper, and partial bibliography First for my approval before writing the paper. I will respond with a go or no go.

Your research paper should be a standard college paper of 10 pages in which you analyze a problem, present an analysis or make an argument for a specific thesis. You may begin with a definite thesis statementopens in a new window. For example, “Deep sea trawlers are threatening the world’s enchinoderms.”

Your paper should include an extensive, informative, and current bibliography. An important reminder: you are expected to choose eight to ten challenging and recent (published within the last 5 years) research articles on marine biology from scientific journals. Articles of a social or political nature will not be acceptable nor will articles from the everyday press.

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