Nursing Budget Discussion

 In the Discussion Forum, the student will select and answer ONE of the instructor questions. The response must be 300 words with two supporting references in APA format. To maximize your grade references should be peer-reviewed journal articles (see Discussion Forum Grading Rubric for more information). Additionally, in this initial response, the student will pose TWO questions related to their question topic. Please include the instructor statement or question in the response.


Question 1: You are the manager of a medical-surgical unit in a not-for-profit, acute care hospital that is part of a nine-hospital healthcare system. During the budget preparation process for the upcoming fiscal year, the healthcare system leadership mandated 5% cost reductions from the previous fiscal year budget. Labor costs must be evaluated thoroughly for potential cost savings. You strongly feel eliminating nursing positions is not appropriate in this budget reduction initiative. Discuss at least 3 factors you can use to justify the current nurse staffing as the most appropriate to ensure cost-effective, high-quality care for patients? List several ways to meet the budget reduction mandate without cutting nursing staff? Discuss at least 3 characteristics an emotionally intelligent leader would use in dealing with this scenario.  

Rubric attached, must be followed. 

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