Need help with a healthcare work and an announcement

. Developing one PowerPoint slide about a mock health care transfer of practice and writing a response. 
Please follow the below instructions: 
1. Using a PowerPoint slide, development an announcement that can be used in print media that includes the following features: a. Name of the business or group that is being transferred b. A brief description of what the patients should do if this affects them c. Why the facility is closing 2. Copy and paste your complete slide into a Word document.  3. In a two-page paper, please describe why it is important to alert patients that a facility is closing. Answer the following questions as part of your response: d. Are there ethical implications if the patient is not notified? e. What other means can the patient be notified? f. Why would a transfer of practice occur? Please describe. 
All sources used, including the textbook, must be cited and referenced appropriately.

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