Need health and medical help with health care and education

I have four essay questions :

Describe why health literacy is so important in health education and health care.  Provide specific examples and cite AT LEAST two sources.  Your answer should be a MINIMUM of 400 words.  Use your citations/references both WITHIN the essay and list your sources at the end of the essay as well. 

Please answer the following questions and use at LEAST two supporting sources for your answer for question #2.

1.  What are the main lessons learned that you have taken away from this course and how will you use these in your future career (in health education,  health care administration, physical therapy or other).  Please be specific and detailed.  Your answer shoud be a minimum of 300 words. (you do not need citations for this answer).

2. What do you feel are the two most important qualities a health educator should possess?  Why? Please be detailed and specific.  Your answer should be at least 300 words long.  Please use at least two outside resources to support your answer. 

After reading the article “Characteristics of an Effective Health Education Curriculum” please answer the following question:

Pick TWO of the 15 items listed and discuss why you agree with these two items.  Use examples and at LEAST two other sources to support your answer. Your answer should be a MINIMUM of 400 words and should include at least two other sources.  List your citations both within and at the bottom of your essay. 

Can you do them in four hours?

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