need a paper about relationship between business and climate change

Already have a draft that needed to be working on

Throughout this course, we will examine climate change from an interdisciplinary perspective. A first step is to understand climate change from the perspective of the various disciplines/majors represented by students in the course. This assignment also addresses our course’s integrative learning goals.

Compose an essay aimed at a public (general) audience that addresses these questions:

  • Introduce your discipline (your major) to the general public. What is your discipline’s mission, its guiding principles, objectives, or primary focus? You can address specific areas of focus, important scholars, etc. to help your audience grasp the concepts.
  • Provide two (2) reasons why climate change is an important issue for your discipline to consider and/or address. Or, how does climate change affect your discipline, is related to your discipline? Consider exploring the three spheres of sustainability: environmental, social, economic aspects of your major. For each reason, clearly explain and provide support for your claims.
  • Explain one (1) way in which your discipline can contribute to further understanding of global climate change issues. In other words, how could your discipline help with reducing the effects of climate change, educating the audience, etc.

Attribution & Direct Quotes: You should consult at least three sources, and you should refer to each source at least once in your paper using internal citations (no footnotes). Provide a bibliography of these sources with your paper. Make sure to be consistent with your citation style (I prefer APA). Use your Pocket Handbook (Documenting Sources) or (Links to an external site.).

Format: Answer the questions listed here, in coherent essay form, with transitions between indented paragraphs. Single-space your name, the date, word count, and “CEGHM 168” in a header at the top of page 1. Follow this header with the title of your paper. Do not use a separate title page. Use a double-spaced, 12-point font, preferably Times or Times New Roman, and leave 1-inch margins around the entire paper. Please provide a total word count of your essay at the beginning of your paper.

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