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”  Descriptive research allows us to analyze or describe the characters of the population. In other words, descriptive research is seen as what are the characteristics that a population has. As a researcher one needs to analyze the population that one is researched. In the case of the windows theory an open-ended question would be how does the city keep track of the crime that is influenced by communities that contain high crime? A closed end question would be are the statistics that are gathered one come from those that are reported by victims?

  Explanatory research is the why in the theory/question that is being asked. In this case I want to know why is there a high crime in places where property have been abandoned or not being taken care of (Bachman, 2014). An open-end question will be are the abandoned buildings the only cause for high crime. A closed end question will be can demolishing abandoned buildings decrease crime?

  Exploratory research is trying to figure out why the unkown happened. For example a kid gets shot and killed in a certain neighborhood the open-ended question will be why did they kill the young boy? The closed ended question would be can we expect more crimes like this in the future? “

Respond to the above by using “ONE” of the bulletin point below

·  Ask a probing question.


·  Share an insight from having read your colleague’s posting.


·  Offer and support an opinion.


·  Validate an idea with your own experience.


·  Make a suggestion.


·  Expand on your colleague’s posting

At least one reference please

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