Name Biochemistry Exam 2 Retake April 2, 2019 1. Which of the following correctly describes the structure of Coenzyme A? It contains a HS. Cofofo

Can somebody please help me answer these questions?

NameBiochemistry Exam 2 RetakeApril 2, 20191. Which of the following correctly describes the structure of Coenzyme A? It contains aHS.CofofoCoenzyme Aa. pyrimidine base b. hexose sugar c. purine base d. triphosphate2. The functional group circled in the structure of Coenzyme A is ana. amineb. amidec. esterd. imime3. Which of the following is located on a transfer RNA (tRNA)?a. intronb. promoterc. codond. anticodone4. Codons are located on thea. mRNAb. tRNAC. rRNAd. DNA5. The stored form of carbohydrate in animals located mainly in our muscles and liver isa. celluloseb. starchc. glycogend. triacylglycerolsA.6. Some events that take place during the synthesis of a protein are listed below.a. Messenger RNA attaches to a ribosomeb. DNA serves as a template for RNA productionc. Transfer RNA bonds to a specific codond. Amino acids are bonded togethere. RNA moves from the nucleus to the cytoplasmThe correct order of these events is (a. BEACD b. DAECBC. BCEDA d. CBAED7. The side chain of which amino acid in the catalytic triad in the active site of chymotrypsinfunctions as a nucleophile in the mechanism of action of that enzyme? a. His b. Ser c. Tyr d. Pro8. Enzymes accelerate reactions by lowering theenergy needed for the reaction.a. stabilizationb. activationc. netd. provisional9. RNA transcription occurs in theof eukaryotic cellsa. nucleusb. mitochondrionc. chloroplastd. endoplasmic reticulum10. If a DNA template reads "CCA", then which of the following will be the corresponding sequenceon the mRNA?a. CCTb. CCUc. GGTd. GGUa. noncompetitive11. An inhibitor for an enzyme lowers Vmax and raises Km. What type of inhibitor is this?b. competitivec. uncompetitive12. Which of these molecules is produced during glycolysis? a. cAMP b. NADPH c. ATP d. FADH2

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