Module 05 PATH Reflection and Tracking PATH Reflection Read the following scenario and answer the questions in the spaces provided. Scenario:

Module 05 PATH Reflection and Tracking

Read the following scenario and answer the questions in the spaces provided.


Today in the clinic an expecting mother has come to the clinic to receive her Tdap injection prior to delivery. When the Medical Assistant is drawing up the medication she is in a hurry and prepared the wrong medication. The Medical Assistant gives the immunization to the patient and after the patient leaves she realizes that she has given her the influenza immunization, not the Tdap. She is scared of telling the Physician of her mistake and is not sure what she should do. She leaves work early and doesn’t tell anyone about her mistake.

Reflect on the above scenario and your experience in lab using your PATH (Professionalism, Attitude, Time Management, and Hygiene) for skills this week.

1.   Professionalism: Do you feel the Medical Assistant handled this situation in a professional way? Why or why not? What steps did the MA skip that would have prevented this error?

  1. Professionalism: If you were the MA in this situation, what would you have done differently? How would you address this situation with a professional attitude? In lab, how was your professionalism?
  1. Attitude: Did you have any issues this week with your attitude? Did you have any actions that you would like to take back or do over?

Immunization Group Activity Tdap and Dtap VIS Summary

Directions-: Form in groups of 3 to 4 students, and assign the following roles. This activity should take 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete.

1.      Transcriptionist/writer ____________________________

2.      Researcher/reader____________________________

3.      Time keeper/ fact checker _________________________

4.      Presenter____________________________

You will all need a copy of the VIS sheet for the TdaP and Dtap vaccine from the CDC website.

Patient scenario: Your first patient today is Jim Johnson, a 35-year-old male with a nail puncture wound in his right foot. He states that the nail was an old one and very dirty. His wife drove him in today. They mentioned in the patient interview that they just had their first baby a few weeks ago. After reporting these facts to the Physician she asks you to prepare a TdaP injection and administer it to the patient. He is overall very health and has no allergies to drugs.  

Prep work: Read the VIS sheets provided from the CDC website. This should be read in detail and discussed if there are any questions. Then Answer the following questions from the information found on the VIS sheet.

1.      What is the immunization going to protect him from?

2.       What are the signs and symptoms of all diseases?

3.      What is the schedule of the immunization? Will any follow-up appointments be needed for this patient? Also list the schedule for the DtaP immunization.

4.      Why are there two different options for this immunization (Tdap and Dtap)?

5.      Why do you feel the Physician ordered the patient to have this immunization? Why not a Td which only contains tetanus immunization?

6.      Before the immunizations is administered what type of questions will you ask the patient?

7.      What are the side effects of the immunization?

8.      When should the patient contact our clinic or 911, in the event of what side effects?

a. clinic

b. call 911

9.      Is there any reason at this time you feel that the patient should not receive this immunization?

10.  What type of injection is Tdap (needle and gauge) and where is it given?

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