MN502 Unit 5 DQ Topic 1

Nursing Philosophy and Models

Select one of the nursing theorists discussed this week and respond to the following:

Describe the historical background of the development of the model or framework.

Identify the concepts in the model.

Describe the relationship between the model and concepts in nursing’s metaparadigm.

Create an example of the model applied to clinical practice.

Identify strengths and weaknesses of the model for clinical practice.

Include 3 references

In this unit, you will examine Florence Nightingale, Jean Watson’s Caring Model, Patricia Benner’s From Novice to Expert, and Katie Eriksson. You will also look at a few of the Grand Nursing Theorists, such as Dorothea Orem, Imogene King, and Dorothy Johnson. In examining these nursing models, you will attempt to discern the most important features and levels of abstraction, as well as determine the appropriateness of the application of a model or a theory to a particular setting.

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