Mid-Term Evaluation and Self-Assessment

In apa format submit an 5 page Assignment addressing the following.

  • Introduction about working with Hospice interdisciplinary team, patients families relating to the learning agreement.
  • Describe whether you met or did not meet the goals/objectives in your agency learning agreement and include the results from your evaluation (feedback section).
  • Compare your learning agreement and your evaluation to critically consider how the two are compatible and how you may approach completing the learning agreement differently next term (How are you going to improve for developing your professional identity).
  • Describe the social work practice skills you developed while working with Hospice (social work skills).
  • Describe potential areas where you might need improvement in relation to social work practice skills, ethics, or professionalism.
  • Explain how your next field education experience might address those areas.
  • Explain how participation in field work education course might inform your future field courses, what will you do the same, what will you do differently.

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