Mental health week 5 discussion

Describe what might be expected for Ms. Shapiro (diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in each of the three stages of adapting to her chronic disabling condition.

2. What might be the role of occupational therapy and the OT practitioner during each of these stages?

3. How could an occupational therapist assist Ms. Shapiro with improving both her “life satisfaction” and her “quality of life?” Your answer should clearly convey the difference between these two concepts.

Which OT evaluation tools would you recommend using with Mr. Kelley (diagnosed with Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA = Stroke),

2. What types of information would you expect utilization of these tools to yield?

3. What suggested OT intervention strategies would be relevant in the case of Mr. Kelley?

4. How would these interventions emanate from the information gleaned from using your recommended OT evaluation tools?

5. What favorable outcomes might you expect subsequent to your recommended interventions?

Short answers

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