Many nurse practitioners are required to see 25-30 patients per day in the clini

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Questions 1) Many nurse practitioners are required to see 25-30 patients per day in the clinic setting. How would you assess parents’ needs regarding sleep and psychosocial transition to parenting, expectations for infants regarding crying, sleep-feed-wake cycles, and development in a 15-20 time frame to complete the exam and provide anticipatory guidance?

2) Access a national clinical guideline resource for infant development. What anticipatory guidance would you provide for a 6 month old infant with no developmental concerns? What immunizations are recommended at this visit?

3) A 2 month old infant presents to your clinic for the 2 month well child exam. As you begin your anticipatory guidance, the parents tell you they are completely opposed to immunizations because they did an internet search and discovered immunizations cause autism. Detail your response and the resources you would utilize to support your clinical rationale.

4) Why is developmental screening indicated at each well child exam? What resources would you utilize to assist you in screening an infant? What resources are available in your practice area to assist families in the event a developmental delay is suspected?

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