Major Depression and Suicide

Major Depression and Suicide

Two of the symptoms of major depression, bi-polar disorder, and borderline personality disorder are suicidal thoughts and behavior. For this discussion, we will consider whether an individual has the “right to commit suicide.”

The right-to-suicide movement has a number of advocates, mostly outside of the mental health profession. Some say that suicide should only be allowed for terminally ill patients with the asstance of a physician. (There is presently a legal battle in Oregon about physician-assisted suicide.) Others place no restrictions, saying that “It’s your life. As long as you don’t hurt someone else, you have the right to decide when to end it.”

On the other hand, most mainstream religions oppose suicide as do most medical doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists. In Texas, if you are suicidal, you can be committed to a psychiatric hospital. Anyone aiding a person’s suicide can be charged with a felony.

What do you think? Is suicide immoral…..a sin…cowardly…a sign of mental instability…or, at times, a rational decision?in 200 words

Part 2

and  write 100 words in a comment to the 200 words discussions

in total 300 words

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