Locating and Evaluating Evidence, health and medicine homework help

Topic 1: Searching for Data

  1. Describe three unique features of PubMed database that sets this database apart from other evidence-based search engines.
  2. Compare and contrast two additional databases and reference your selected topic, by using the Cochrane Collaboration and Medline as your search engines.
  3. Determine how you applied the three key questions when deciding which database to use.


Textbook Readings

Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing and Healthcare

  • Chapter 4: “Clinically Appraising Knowledge for Clinical Decision Making”
  • Chapter 5: “Clinically Appraising Quantitative Evidence for Clinical Decision Making”
  • Chapter 6: “Clinically Appraising Qualitative Evidence for Clinical Decision Making”

Journal Readings

Schardt, C., Adams, M. B., Owens, T., Keitz, S., & Fontelo, P. Utilization of the PICO framework to improve searching PubMed for clinical questions. BMC Medical Informatics & Decision Making, 7(1), 16–26.

Web Resources

Review the NCQA website, paying special attention to the clinician’s website, specifically the Patient Experience Reporting section.

It is expected that you spend approximately 1–2 hours reviewing this resource.

Review this guide on creating PowerPoint

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