List the key the similarities in findings between the case studies, health and medical assignment help

To gain a deeper perspective of DG program implementation, read the case studies from the research of Otto, and Berg and Caira cited in this chapter:

Otto, B. 2011. Organizing data governance: Findings from the telecommunications industry and consequences for large service providers. Communications of the Association for Information Systems (29)1. Here is the article: Organizing Data Governance- Findings from the Telecommunications Industry and Consequences for Large Service Providers.pdf

Berg, C. and Caira. T. 2012. Exploring the SME quandary: Data governance in practice in the small to medium-sized enterprise sector. The Electronic Journal of Information Systems Evaluation 15(1): 3-13.

In a Word document prepare your answers to the following:

List the key the similarities in findings between the case studies. Are there any significantly different conclusions between the two cases? List three or more points of key takeaways you gained from examining these cases. From your analysis, create a matrix of the key findings from these cases and how St. Rita’s might apply these to their situation. Include your external reference citations in APA format at the end of the document.

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