List reasons to recommend hospital care to consumers (patients)

Review information found on the following website related to hospital compare Read the information carefully and then locate the following website. Search for hospitals within a 50 mile radius of the community where you are working or had your prelicensure clinical experiences. Type in your zip code. Select your hospital andtwo others. Select hospitals/facilities and choose compare. If you live in a remote area and there are no hospitals listed within a 50 mile radius, select a zip code for a family member or a close friend who does not live near you. The idea is to review comparative data.

Click on the following topics to learn more. a. Survey of patient’s experiences b. Timely and effective care (focus your search on two of the conditions that apply to services provided at the hospitals) c. Readmissions, complications, and deaths

Carefully read the information provided.

Develop a PowerPoint slideshow consisting of 8–10 slides. Include the following, keeping in mind what all this data means.

Title slide with information pertinent to the course.

List reasons to recommend hospital care to consumers (patients).

List reasons to recommend hospital compare to staff who may seek employment.

Summarize patient experiences data for each hospital.

Summarize timely and effective care data for two conditions.

Summarize data for readmissions or complications and deaths.

List recommendations for improving data for one selected facility.

Summarize what you learned from this experience. Develop PowerPoint slides to include criteria listed above. F

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