**KIM WOODS** questions

1. What do you think are the top five contributions to behavioral and cognitive theories?

2. Analyze the social cognitive theory of growth and development. How does a child grow to become a person with self-efficacy?

3. Skinner discussed environmental control of behavior. Apply that concept to today’s culture of social media, such as the Internet, You Tube, camera crime prevention, and tweeting. Do our behaviors change because of this type of environmental control?

4. Personality Assessment and the Case of Jim.  Read this case in chapter 11 of your textbook.  After reading the case and the associated chapter information for this week, consider posting at least one thread that relates the case to the behavioral and cognitive behavioral model and the use of these methods and analysis.

**reading for this question is found in link** 

https://phoenix.vitalsource.com/books/9781119235033/epubcfi/6/36[;vnd.vst.idref=c11]!/4/2/2/2/[email protected]:0

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