Job Loss Case Study

For this assignment, assume a large employer is closing in the community. In the Longevin family the grandfather, Joe (age 60), the daughter Angela (age 40), and the grandson, Peter (age 20), are all losing their jobs. When Joe was 42 he was diagnosed with depression, but has controlled this for the past few years. You can embellish this scenario as needed, including cultural implications, to address the following elements in this assignment:

  • Compare and contrast the three career stages of Joe, Angela, and Peter.
  • How might their roles change from this job loss? What factors would you consider in the job loss, including mental well-being? What strategies would you use to help with these changes?
  • What strategies would you use to develop a lifelong learning philosophy with each person in this family?
  • In the previous unit you learned about different assessment instruments. Name one assessment you would use for each person and describe the criteria you used for this choice.
  • Assess the cultural appropriateness of the assessments you chose for each client.

Your assignment should be 3–4 pages in length, follow APA format and style, and include at least three references, including your text. Review the Job Loss Case Study Scoring Guide to understand the grading expectations for this assignment.

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