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With all the scientific advances in the world, there is a thin line when it comes to playing God and controlling the way we live our lives. There is not a day that goes by that we don’t see any new advances in science and medicine. Science can be very helpful in improving medical issues such as finding cures for cancer, AIDS and Alzheimer’s. Although I believe, science should not aid in the destruction of this planet like advancing in nuclear weapons and cloning. In the book “Frankenstein,” Victor Frankenstein was obsessed with animating another person that once he made this person he realized that he shouldn’t have played God. Once Victor realized that the monster that he had created was a bad idea, it was too late. Victor said, “I had desired it with and ardor that exceeded moderation; but now I had finished, the beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart” (Shelley, 1869, p. 45). At that moment, Victor realized that he should not be able to play God. Once he realized this it was too late, and the monster that he created was alive, and there was no turning back.

Charles Darwin, on the other hand, was quite different in that he was a visionary when it came to the evolution of man. He did not want to play God or try to denounce him, he, in fact, wanted to show how humans came to be simply. In the article, On the Origin of Species, C. Darwin (1859) states:

There is no obvious reason why the principles which have acted so efficiently under domestication should not have acted under nature. In the preservation of favoured individuals and races, during the constantly-recurrent Struggle of Existence, we see the most powerful and ever-acting means of selection. (para. 2)

You can see that humans are a product of their environment and that we are born with the mentality of fight or flight. We, humans, tend to be in competition with other human beings and the tendency to be more dominant is always necessary.

I believe that Charles Darwin was hesitant to publish his work because he did not want to go against the belief of the church and society that God created man and everything surrounding man.



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