Integration of a Solution, health and medicine homework help

Once a vendor is selected, it is time for the health care organization to work with them to integrate an effective solution to the original needs. Complete the following for this assignment:

  • Determine how the new system will be integrated into the health organization.
  • Recommend strategies for implementing change management.
  • Determine the training and development needs for departments. Include recommendations for educating employees when integrating changing technologies.
  • Recommend ongoing support, development, and quality indicators for successful integration.
  • Consider the return of investment (ROI) for new technologies. Plan review with leadership, finance, and IT to determine ROI success. You are not expected to calculate the return on investment, but to think about how the investment the hospital made towards a new information management system benefits it and outweighs the money spent?
  • Analyze the quality of care improvement for new technologies. Identify improved outcomes and results from patient data, surveys, and research.


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