Integrates ethical principles in decision making.

Individual: Personal Philosophy of Nursing
Personal Philosophy- Review the NP Core competencies and Future of Nursing 2010 Recommendations posted in course Documents. Develop a personal philosophy of nursing related to at least one NP Core Competence and a future of nursing recommendation. The philosophy should include your definitions of the four metaparadigm concepts for nursing:
Human Being
Use and cite other resources as necessary.
Limit your personal philosophy of nursing to one page, single spaced. Create it in a Word document. Once completed copy and paste it into the Discussion Board under the Philosophy of Nursing forum.

My philosophy will be “to treat all patients as individuals deserving equitable care and respect”–using the article of Leninger (attached) just stating a little how her theory supports my philosophy

I am attaching the three articles I must support my philosophy and use in my paper.
and Theoretical Basis for Nursing 4th Edition
by Melanie McEwen (Author), Evelyn M. Wills (Author) book

NP Core Competencies: chose this one–r/t transcultural nursing
Ethics Competencies
1. Integrates ethical principles in decision making.
2. Evaluates the ethical consequences of decisions.
3. Applies ethically sound solutions to complex issues related to individuals, populations and systems of care.

and applying the article by IOM (attached will send) applying to my philosophy
and brief few sentences like how I will use this working with orthopedic patients with diversity of religion/cultures-like their perception of pain-always an issue with orthopedic post op patients

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