information governance and technology

Assignment Information Background: This outline is for a health information administration presentation, the presentation topic is Information governance my assigned topic under information governance is information governance and technology.

inservice Outline


  • The Importance of Informational Governance in Todays HIM Field (Group Theme)

  • The future with Information Governance (Group Topic)

Need to answer the Questions: How did we get here? Where are we going? How will we get there? How will we know we have arrived? What is IG? What does it include? How do we get to IG?

What do we need to know? How do we get & exploit those skills?

  • Try to cover this questions in the information you find

My individual Topic is Information Governance and technology

this is for a presentation so what you have To do : find 5 educational or scholarly articles Regarding this topic “Information Governance and Technology” suggested websites:, I found articles with the titles : ( Under Data Governance on healthanalytics) article 1. healthcare informatics System aids research collaboration , 2. Developing Big data governance strategies for better use. Read this article and try to see if you can get information to create an outline. This outline has to include in-text citations. 1-3 maximum.

Information technology and how it;s impacting patient engagement (you can look at articles like this)

  • and other things regarding the topic.

  • Save the article information

  • has to be APA format will provide an example of how it should look like

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