The homework is Exercise #12 (Ch.14) on p. 592. Read about how to do this beforehand on pp. 584-587 –  then follow the instructions to create a complete Incident Report. THIS MUST BE YOUR ORIGINAL WORK!! Make sure you include everything relevant (see below), as well as your dream company letterhead/logo, address, etc., at the top.

Here are some templates; however, make sure you include ALL the points shown below, even if the template you’re using doesn’t include some of them–just add whatever else is needed per the list. h

Parts of an Incident Report: (PLEASE BE SURE TO INCLUDE ALL OF THEM!!)

1. Type of incident

2. Identification details – be sure to include contact information for everyone involved–their emails, phones, badge numbers, or whatever else is available. This Incident Report could become a legal document, so this part is important.

3. Time and location of the incident

4. Description of what happened–include machine or part serial numbers, car license-plate numbers/make, model, etc., or any other important details.

5. What was done after the incident (person sent to the hospital, etc.)

6. What caused the incident

7. Actions taken:  Specify what actions could be taken to prevent the problem from recurring. It could be repairing any broken parts, calling a special safety meeting, extra training on a machine, etc. If you have any further recommendations, including those, too.

[Note: Per your text, Incident Reports can be used as legal evidence!]

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