Implementing a Communication Plan, health and medicine homework help

Week 5 is a Team paper. Focus on the bold and underlined portion only. 

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Resource: One of the following case studies from Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations, as assigned by your instructor

  • Case 3: Community Blood Center of the Carolinas: Donations, Donations, Donations
  • Case 5: Can This Relationship Be Saved? The Midwestern Medical Group’s Integration Journey
  • Case 6: Ellen Zane – Leading Change at Tufts – NEMC
  • Case 18: The Premier Health Care Alliance Emerges

Review the assigned case study.

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper that addresses the following:

  • What are the change initiatives or strategic information that should be communicated in the plan?
  • What challenges and barriers are related to the change initiatives? Anticipate the following:
    • Regulations
    • Changes in laws
    • Board members refusing to relinquish decision making to others
    • Getting buy-in from employees
    • A lack of resources
  • From the standpoint of a manager or administrator, develop a communication plan to implement the change and overcome the challenges and barriers associated with the change.
    • Describe how each level of employee is involved in implementing the change.
    • Describe any changes in organizational structure or size that may result from the change in strategy.
    • Identify standard operating procedures listing sequential activities that must be performed to successfully carry out your communication plan.
  • Describe the methods and strategies you would use to value and support the implementation of your communication plan. Ensure the communication plan aligns with the overall mission and strategic plan of the organization. Address how you plan to ensure the following:
    • The plan is implemented on time.
    • There is room in the budget for the implementation of the change.
    • The proper number of employees are adequately prepared and trained for the change.
    • Managers provide effective leadership and direction.
    • Synergy is achieved between functions and business units.

Include a minimum of four references.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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