Identify the challenges that can interfere with your progress in this program

1. PAR-Q

Summarize and interpret the data from the PAR-Q. Discuss any special concerns, need for doctors approval prior to activity, etc.

1. Stages of Change

Evaluate where your are currently at in the Stages of Change model. Identify the challenges that can interfere with your progress in this program.

1. Fitness Evaluation

Summarize and discuss all fitness testing that has been conducted. You should also complete and discuss as many of the flexibility labs (Lab 7-1, Activities 1,2,3) as possible.

1. Summary of Results

Be sure to note area’s that need improvement.

1. Nutrition

Analyze diet and nutritional information. What would be the subject’s recommended daily caloric intake based on goals and activity levels?

1. Exercise Prescription

Put together a complete exercise prescription (covering all components of fitness). Be sure to include the F.I.T.T. model and explain why each exercise/activity is appropriate

based on the results from the fitness evaluation. Include a weekly schedule that includes all fitness and work activities.

1. Conclusions

Closing remarks about your subject and the experience of developing this program.

Submit your Project to the Unit 8: Project Dropbox.


· Project must be completed in APA format and utilize references. Expected length is between 5-7 pages.

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