i need help in physics

Title: Mechanical Equilibrium of a Rigid Body

Sources:  Air resistance experiment to illustrate translational equilibrium

    Torque balancing experiment to illustrate rotational equilibrium


1. State the objective(s) of your study

2. State what is meant by rigid body and degrees of freedom of its motion

3. State the conditions for the equilibrium of a rigid body

4. Explain your approach (methodology)

5. Describe the instrumentation and procedures used, with diagrams as needed

6. Present the experimental data in the form of tables and graphs, as needed

7. Show sample calculations where required

8. Evaluate the accuracy/precision of your data and results in the customary 

   manner (percentage error or percentage difference)

9. Clearly state the results and conclusions of your study.

10. Do not forget to include your name and the name(s) of your lab partner(s).

  A separate report is required from each student.

N.B. Be creative, but organized, and remember that the above list is intended only as guidelines and suggestions. You do not have to type the report, but it must be very neat and interesting to read. Think of this report as a mini term paper.

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