How would the information be helpful to an individual deciding on a career path?

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Career-Outlook Information

People must consider many factors when preparing for a career or seeking employment. Among important considerations are the levels of education and experience required, job expectations, work hours, physical demands, and salary. To effectively support clients, career counselors must be familiar with the range of tools available to research this information. Of all the factors, salary level has become increasingly important as the cost of living continues to rise. Begin exploring online resources to determine the salary level for specific jobs or careers. You may find it helpful to Google “career-outlook information,” review the O’Net website, or review UoR’s Career Exploration & Planning website (where you can locate the O’Net website and Occupational Outlook Handbook). You may search any job or career of interest.

Share the information you found.

· What source did you use and why?

· Was it easily accessible?

· What were some of the strengths and weaknesses about the source?

· How would the information be helpful to an individual deciding on a career path?

· How could the source be improved for career development?

Qualitative Career Assessment

According to McMahon, Watson, and Patton (2015), incorporating various types of qualitative and quantitative assessments in the career-development process can provide a more holistic approach to career counseling. While narrative approaches have increased in recent years, many have questioned how to incorporate them in career counseling.

McMahon, Watson, and Patton (2015) discuss several qualitative, narrative techniques that can be utilized with clients to assist them with career development. After reviewing their article titled “The Systems Theory Framework of career development: Applications to career counselling and career assessment” and reviewing the information in Chapter 5, address the following questions:

· How can qualitative assessments be used in the career counseling process to complement quantitative techniques?

· Of the three qualitative, narrative assessments discussed (My System of Career Influences [MSCI], Career Systems Interview [CSI], and My Career Chapter [MCC]), which one do you feel is more useful in the career-development process? Why?

· What are some of the potential advantages and disadvantages of utilizing the various qualitative, narrative techniques?

· How can qualitative, narrative assessments be beneficial to diverse populations?

Virtual Career One Stop
As you will learn in completing the Week Three written assignment, one-stop career centers have become increasingly popular as a means of meeting career-related needs. In keeping with technology, one-stop centers can be fully accessed online. Clients can access a range of resources from any computer with Internet access. While some advocates argue that career counseling is more effective when it is personalized and face to face, thousands of individuals utilize online resources to meet their employment needs on a daily basis. Career One Stop (, endorsed by the United States Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration, is one such site. Visit the site. At minimum, search the following: “Explore Careers,” “Education & Training,” and “Salary and Benefits.” Search the “Salary and Benefits” area specifically for career-outlook information on a selected career.

What types of information did you find? If you were personally seeking employment, do you think the information would be helpful? From the position of an individual seeking employment, was there any information or support you might need that was not available? If so, what? Your post should be at least 300 words.

Internet-Based Assessment

Access to computerized, Internet-based assessments has grown exponentially in the last 10 years. Individuals seek out self-help information for a variety of issues, including career-related challenges. This widespread public access to career assessments creates both potential advantages and disadvantages. Part of the responsibility of the career counselor is to assist clients in finding meaning in career assessments and utilizing that information to assist them in making informed decisions. In many cases, clients who seek career information online do not receive support from trained career counselors. In addition, many career assessment tools, including decision-making scales and questionnaires, fail to take culture into consideration. In addition to being aware of how culture may impact the clients’ decision-making process, career counselors must recognize how their culture may impact interaction in the counseling session.

Review the Balke, Kruzic, & Way (2016) article. Address the following questions in this forum:

· Do you believe clients can make informed decisions based on self-administered, Internet-based assessments?

· What are the potential benefits and drawbacks of widespread access to career assessments?

· Do you believe it is important for the career counselor to have a clear understanding of his/her own culture? Why or why not?

· What impact does culture have on the client’s decision-making process? How might this impact your work with diverse clientele?

· What role do you see the career counselor taking in the future?

Your post should be at least 300 words.

Holistic Career Counseling
Throughout the course, it has been conveyed that a large part of the work of a career counselor is related to information gathering and the dissemination of that information. With continuous advances in technology, this is no small undertaking. In many cases, career counselors serve as the only support that clients have in addressing career-related needs.

Considering the learning material in this course, what additional insight can you offer on the role of career counselors? What skills do you see as vital to the work of a career counselor? Additionally, what skills might be needed in working with individuals with disabilities or from diverse backgrounds? What strengths will you bring to the field of career counseling? Your post should be at least 300 words.

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