How might different aspects of this individual’s biology

Psychology homework help

Reflect on the health of someone that you know that has/had a diagnosable health condition (e.g., diabetes, heart disease, depression, common cold). Then, apply the Biospychosocial model to this individual and their condition.

It may be helpful to refer to Figure 1.6 in your textbook. (attached)

How might different aspects of this individual’s biology (e.g., does it run in their family?), psychology (e.g. personality, attitude), and social circumstances have impacted their disease diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, progression, outcomes, etc.?

Be sure to consider the SOCIAL. Think of the “outer circles” of the ecological-system approach outlined in figure 1.5 in your text. ( Attached)

What social systems/social variables might have impacted the onset, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, outcomes, etc. of this individual’s condition/disease?

Sometimes social systems/contexts can positively impact our health (e.g., being from a middle/upper class social background increases access to education (i.e., health literacy) and the likelihood of having health insurance. Or, having a supportive family can reduce stress and encourage wellness.

Sometimes social systems/contexts can negatively impact health (i.e., sociocultural bias in diagnosis). Or, experiencing chronic family-related stress/tension can negatively impact ones health.

600 word minimum!

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