How is the magnitude of the force of gravity between them affected? Physics homework help

1. Suppose the mass of each of two spherical objects is doubled, and the distance between their centers is three times as large. How is the magnitude of the force of gravity between them affected? 

2. A pendulum clock is brought to Mars. How does the bob move on mars as compared to on Earth?

A. it keeps time just as on Earth

B. It runs slower

C. The effect depends on the amplitude of the swing

D. It runs faster

3. A diver jumps down on a springboard, bounces back up, and dives into the pool. Which of these is one of the action-reaction pairs involved? 

A. The force the diver exerts on the water and the force the water exerts on the diver.

B. The force on the board as the diver bends it downward and the force on the diver as the board springs back up

C. The springiness of the board in moving back up

D. The force of the board on the diver as he moved down and the force of the board on the diver when pushed back

4. What shape down a position vs. time graph have for an object in uniform acceleration?

5. Suppose you are on a conveyor belt walkway at an airport. The walkaway is moving at 0.50 m/s. You walk backward at 0.80 m/s to hand your suitcase to a friend who is 3.0 m behind you. A security guard stands alongside the walkway watching this. What is your speed relative to the guard?

6. A bicycle and rider travel along a rod. Which of the following statements is true?

A. The bicycle wheels rotate and translate the entire bike and the rider.

B. Neither the bicycle nor the rider undergoes a translation

C. Only the bicycle rider undergoes a translation

D. Only the bicycle undergoes a translation

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