how does the #RESISTANCE compare to the freedom fighter movement of the 60’s

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Topic review: identify a topic/subject that is of interest to you. For example, it can be about current events (i.e., how does the #RESISTANCE compare to the freedom fighter movement of the 60’s); or it can be about a famous individual. It does not matter as long as your paper relates back to the subject of this course.

Journal article research: the expectation is that you will identify a minimum of 4 journal articles.

Layout of the paper: title page, table of contents, the body of the paper; and reference page

NOT included in the page count are the: title page, table of contents and reference page

Page count: 3-5 numbered double-space pages or more.

Please do not click the return key twice between paragraphs (doing so will result in point penalties), indent instead

The font: 12 points, Times New Roman or Ariel

Writing style: APA

This paper is not an essay, therefore remember to include sub-headings. Please review the videos for further understanding.

Please remember to cite reference sources in the body of the paper (parenthetical citations), as well as on the reference page at the end of the paper. Include all journal articles reviewed even if you decided not use them

When citing sources, only include the author(s) who wrote the journal article, not the authors the writer used to create the paper.

Please review the attached videos below and Purdue Owl for further information.

Term Paper Format:

How to format a Word doc for writing an APA style college paper:

How to Conduct Effective Research: A Key Process for Students in Writing

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