Housing and Institutional Health, assignment help


You are an environmental health inspector who works for a local health department. You are faced with two environmental issues that are affecting the local community. Write a paper in which you address the following two scenarios:

Housing and Institutional Health

Question 1 (write approximately 1–1½ pages): There are problems at a daycare facility for infants and toddlers, in a low-income neighborhood. The daycare is located in an old building structure. There is paint peeling from the walls and the paint has been tested and found to contain lead. There is also mold growing on some walls in the bathrooms. Summarize theexposure risks and the health hazards associated with lead and mold exposure in young children, in this particular setting, and describe what may be done by teachers and facilities personnel to control these two public health problems in this particular daycare setting.

Swimming Pools

Question 2 (write approximately 1–1½ pages): One of your goals is to protect the health of swimmers at a local recreational pool. Describe two methods that have been used to treat swimming pool water, chlorination and ultraviolet radiation. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each. Then, identify the method or combination of methods that would provide the best protection to swimmers and the public’s health. Explain your rationale.

In all papers, always support your position with evidence from the literature.

This is ONE paper with 2 scenarios. It must be 2-3 references cited inside the paper with a reference page that INCLUDES THE LINK.

NO Plagerism