help with qs 2

I need help with qs and I have attach a copy of the book , the book is available online

I also include the inasturcation which is :

The last project assignment for the semester is Problem 31 in Chapter 12 – Shaft Design. For the given problem:

1.Determine the magnitude of the torque in the shaft at all points

2.Compute the forces acting on the shaft at all power-transmitting elements

3.Compute the reactions at the bearing

4.Draw the complete load, shear, and bending moment diagrams in both loading planes and the resultant moment diagram

Neglect the weight of the elements on the shafts.

Design the complete shaft, including the specification of the overall geometry and the consideration of stress concentration factors. Select the appropriate bearings for the support of the shaft. Also, design keys to attach the elements to the shaft.

Produce an engineering drawing of the design of the shaft showing the various dimensions, fillet radius, and required tolerances on the basic sizes.

Discuss in general the primary manufacturing process.

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