Health Class Case Study

Case Study 1

John and Susan are both prone to being overweight. They are concerned that their infant son, Steven will also have weight problems. They are referred to you when Steven is 5 months old. Steven’s growth data are as follows:





8 lb

20 inches

1 week

8 lb 1 oz

20 inches

1 months

11 lb

21.5 inches

2 months

12 lb 8 oz

23 inches

3 months

14 lb 8 oz

23.5 inches

4 months

16 lb


5 months

18 lb


Steven breastfeeds six times daily for about 20-25 minutes at each feeding. He is not presently receiving any other sources of nourishment. Answer the following questions for John and Susan:

1.  Their pediatrician told them that Steven’s weight is above average. Is he gaining too much weight?

2.  Should they delay adding solid foods or add something now? If they should add something, what would recommend? At what point would you begin adding solid foods and in what order would you recommend?

3.  What developmental changes occur between 5 months to a year that demonstrate readiness for solids foods?

4.  Should they give Steven juice in a bottle?

5.  A neighbor has suggested that Steven could be given skim milk instead of breast milk. Do you recommend this?

Submitting your Assignment

This project is a CLA and must be minimum 2 pages not including title and reference page (APA format). Put your case study in a Word document.

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