Harmful tithe body , health and medicine homework help

Follow these steps and take really careful for all the examples for understanding what to do :

Step1 choose the theory

For example; Benefits, severity, barriers,

Step2 choose health issue, tell why?

For example: stress : Harmful tithe body

Lose your control

Step3 choose your target audience

For example; Carly students between 18 to 24 year old

Step 4 choose your constructs

For example; Severity, benefits

Step5 create intervention ( how, where , when)
Example, u have to use is
Where : rec center in east Baltimore
When: once the semester for 5 hours
Like severity ; headache

Benefits; batter grade

Barriers; low self esteem

AA: Step 6 expect outcomes ( so what)

For example ; increase self confidence

Batter social life outcomes

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