Geology Essay about the Moon, geology homework help

I want a 4 pages Essay about the Moon and I want a separate Outline pages about the same topic.

So 2 files one with the Outline and the other for the Whole Essay

Outline Format:

Class PROJECT Outline:

  • Your name
  • Title – Hypothesis
  • Motivation (why is your hypothesis important. What is the global relevance. Why should people care about this ?)
  • Method
    • Describe your method (lyrics to a song, video, commercial, phone app design, letter to president, etc…) See the PDF description posted on Moodle last week.
    • List names of any class collaborators working with you (working in groups or alone is fine. Do what you prefer!)
  • Expected Results
  • Expected Conclusions
  • This should be about 1 page long. EACH PERSON must turn in a separate outline even if you are working in a group


Essay Format:

You can use web based references listed at the end of each chapter and books or journals from the library. References must include 2 books or articles. Use the reference style shown below (Note: Web URL’s are NOT ACCEPTABLE as a reference). Paper length must be 4 pages, double spaced with 12 point font. (smaller line spacing or longer length is acceptable). You may also do alternative project styles including lyrics to a song, a poem, a skit, or video production, but length requirements are the same (2 pages).

Use This Reference example: (References must be provided in THIS STYLE and INCLUDE the authors names, title of article, publisher, dates, page number, and year.) Note: Web URL’s are NOT ACCEPTABLE as a reference. 

1. Weeraratne, D. S., D. W. Forsyth, and K. M. Fischer, Evidence for an upper mantle plume beneath the Tanzanian craton from Rayleigh wave tomography, J. Geophys. Res. 2427, doi:10.1029/2002JB002273, 2003. 

2. Jenkinson, D.S., Adams, D.E., A. Wild, Model estimates of CO2 emissions from soil in response to global warming, Nature, 351, page 304-306, doi:10.1038/351304a0, 1991. 

Suggested references from the library: 

 * All Geology books can be found on the 3rd floor: QE3.0 to QE862.0 

 * Hot new recent journals (last 6 months) are on the 4th floor (east wing). 


 Geotimes,, Library: QE1.G45

 American Scientist,, Library: Q1.A549

 Discover,, Library: Q1.D4

 Issues in Science and Technology,, Library: Q1.I87

 Science News,, Library Q1.S76

 Sky and Telescope,, Library QB1.S536

 Los Angeles Times Newspaper,, also in Library on 4th floor

 Websites to try: Southern California Earthquake Center Mt St Helen’s Cascades Volcano Observatory Hawaii Volcano Observatory USGS Earthquake information center Earthquakes headlines National Ocean and Atmospheric Admin (tsunamis, weather, oceans) NASA website

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