Gas Laws, chemistry homework help

Question 1

 A fixed amount of gas occupies a volume of 7.25 L at a pressure of 4.52 atm. What will be the volume occupied if the pressure is decreased to 1.21 atm at constant temperature?

Question 2

Calculate the density of Cl2 at 27 oC and 600 torr. 

Question 3

N2 effuses 2.16 times faster than an unknown gas. What is the molar mass of the unknown gas? 

Question 4

Which of the following occupies the largest volume at STP?

Select one:

a. 1.00 g H2

b. All of them occupy the same volume

c. 1.00 g N2

d. 1.00 g He

e. 1.00 g Ne

Question 5

Find the pressure of 10.0 g of Argon gas in 750 mL container at a temperature of 50 oC? 

Question 6

A gas occupies 3.00 L at 24oC. To what temperature should it be cooled at constant pressure to occupy 2.80 L? 

Question 7

Consider the reaction: CO(g) + 2H2(g) →CH3OH(l)

What is the volume of H2 is required to make 20.0 g of CH3OH at 25oC and 710 mmHg? 

Question 8

A gas occupies a volume of 88.2 mL at 35oC. What will be the volume occupied if it is heated at constant pressure to 155oC? 

Question 9

What will be the volume occupied by 10.0 g of CO2 at 505 mm Hg and 57 oC? 

Question 10

Which of the following has the largest density at STP?

Select one:

a. Ne

b. He

c. All have the same density

d. H2

Question 11

Which of the following gases will have the highest rms velocity?

Select one:

a. He at 298 K

b. H2 at 398 K

c. H2 at 298 K

d. He at 398 K

Question 12

Calculate the total pressure in a 10.0 L tank containing 24.0 g He and 4.00 g O2 at 27 oC. 

Question 13

Which of the following occupies the largest volume at STP?

Select one:

a. All occupy the same volume

b. 1.00 mol Ne

c. 1.00 mol Ar

d. 1.00 mol He

Question 14

0.563 g of an unknown gas occupies 225 mL at 57 oC and 886 torr. Calculate the molar mass of the gas. 

Question 15

If a sample of gas occupies a volume of 10.0 L at STP, what will be the volume occupied when the temperature is changed to 47 oC and the pressure to 660 torr? 

Question 16

A mixture of gases contains also Oxygen. If the mole fraction of Oxygen in the mixture is 0.15 and its partial pressure is 0.20 atm, what is total pressure of the gas mixture? 

Question 17

The pressure at the summit of Mt. Everest is about 236 torr. What is this pressure in atm? (760 torr = 1 atm)

Question 18

Consider the reaction: 

2CH4(g) + 5O2(g) + 2NO(g) –> 2CO2(g) + 4H2O(g) + 2NO2(g) 

At constant temperature and pressure if 10.0 L of O2 is used, what volume of CO2 will be formed? 

Question 19

A 1.00 L mixture of He , Ne, and Ar has a total pressure of 662 mmHg at 25oC. If the partial pressure of Ar is 209 mm Hg and the partial pressure of Ne is 112 mmHg, calculate the partial pressure of He in the mixture and the mass of He contained in the mixture.  

Question 20

A 5.00 L sample of O2 gas contains 0.150 moles of O2. What mass of O2 is required to occupy 7.50 L? 

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