four discussions From the perspective of a general manager in your field,health and medicine homework help

Need one page for each discussion with refences ,provide each dicussion in a separate file


From the perspective of a general manager in your field, which of the organizational control methods outlined in Chapter 19 of the Management textbook do you think would be the most universal? What does organizational control look like in your sphere of influence?

Discussion 2

Consider your Strategic Plan: Presentation video assignment. Write a brief description on how you plan to organize and present your Strategic Plan or share a draft of your video. Provide feedback to your peers about their initial plans for their videos. Are there areas that need adjustments?

Discussion 3

Now that you have participated in your servant leadership opportunity, discuss how the experience affected your understanding of how through serving others one actually leads. Support your ideas with specific examples from your volunteer experience.

Discussion 4

Watch the video “Servant Leadership – Joe Schmitt.” Discuss why this is a good example of leadership through acts of service in terms of the way the actions of the leader demonstrate integrity and personal character building while also establishing followership and pushing others to grow professionally through emulating his actions. Discuss how this example embraces both Greenleaf’s principles of servant leadership and the call to service evident in Christianity.

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