For Phyllis Young: Community Violence in the U.S.

Community Violence in the U.S.

In the increasingly violent times that the U.S. is experiencing, it has been observed that children in some areas are terrorized by street violence. Gang warfare can easily turn a quiet neighborhood into a war zone, where children might become inadvertent victims. Although some children can’t cope with the fear, a few are able to rise above it and confidently move ahead. Get information related to Atlanta Georgia

What are risk factors for children to become involved in gang activity?

Ø  Describe some of the effects of gang violence on children.

Ø  Describe some of the characteristics of children who grow stronger by surviving in these environments.

Ø  Discuss how parents in these neighborhoods could foster these characteristics in growing children.

Write response to each part in 3–4 paragraphs (500-600 words).

Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

Please do not use Wikipedia.

Must use two references

Must use as one of references:

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