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S.M.A.R.T Goals

Afterreadingthe PDFs on Goal Settingand Professional Goals and Personalities in this week’s Reading,writeyour ownS.M.A.R.T. academic/professionalgoal, discusswhygoal settingis important,whytheywillhelpyou,and howyou willachievethem.

Whetheryou are planning long orshort-termgoals,youwanteverygoal to be a


Specific,  Measurable,  Action-oriented,  Realistic,and Timed

[S] Specific

Each goal should be a detailed statementofyourdesired result.Exactlywhatis ityouwish to accomplish? Itis difficultto determine action stepsforvague goals and even harderto recognizewhen they have been achieved.


Identifythemeans bywhich youwill achieve each goal.How will you knowwhenyou have reached it? There are two types ofgoals-performance goals and outcome goals.Keep in mind thatyouwill always have more control overperformance than youwill overoutcome so setperformance goalswhenever possible.


Describeyourgoals using actionverbs.Whatwill you do (step bystep)to reach your goal?

[R] Realistic

Choose goals thatare possible and achievable.Who do you know whohas achieved goals similarto yours? Goals settoo highwill discourage youwhile goals settoo low won’t challenge andmotivate you.


Determine deadlines foreach ofyourgoals.Deadlines can be flexible and adjusted as needed butdeadlines thatspecifytimelimits help keep you focused and moving.

Afterreading the PDFson GoalSetting and Professional Goals and Personalities in this week’s Reading,writeyour own S.M.A.R.T.goalsusing the template below,whytheywill helpyou,and how youwill achieve them.

My SmartAcademic Career/Goal is __________________________

Discuss whygoal setting is an important part of planningfor success.

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