euthanasia – Medical Ethics, health and medicine homework help

This paper was given with alot of room for creativity. there was not much direction other than it should be at least 5 pages. there are not specicifc amount of sources needed but what every is refernced must be in a works cited in MLA format. in addiditon the paper is about picing a side of the arugment and sticking to it whether you truley believe in it or not. my professor as long as you hve a bold thesis and argue your said and sate and explain th epossible counter arguments you have understand the puporse of the paper. he really wa ts us to learn how to write like philosphers. he also would like us to make not of any renoun philosophers who touch on the topic we choose. i have begun the paper and have come up with a thesis, hopfully it can give you some material and direction to work with.

Thesis: We have the right and moral obligation to euthanize our beloved pets when they are suffering and in pain. Why are we not morally obligated to provide the same options for our selves and our loved ones?

14 mins ago

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