Ethnography and Culture, biology homework help

Answer each question fully. Any answer less than 2 pages, 12 point, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins (no half a page of name, class, assignment) will not be graded.

1. The core method of anthropology is ethnography. It requires participant observation, the use of symbols, finding a key informant, thick description, and conversations with natives. Using Spradley Ethnography and Culture, Next door but Invisible, and Growing up Hunting, describe in detail how the method works. Contrast Next Door but Invisible and Growing Up Huntingin terms of the guiding (why) and subsidiary (who, what, and how) questions asked, the techniques used, and the potential results.

2. As anthropologists we are trying to get at the cognitive maps of people in different cultures. Using Shakespeare in the Bush, Space Speaks, Wears Jump Suits…, and A Look Behind the Veil describe what is essential in the cognitive maps described in each. Give an example from eacharticle, showing one aspect of how their/our cognition shapes the way we actually behave.

3. Corporate culture analysis starts with the idea that businesses are cultural, because like cultures in general they need to solve problems, evolve different cognitive maps, sets of social relationships, etc. Describe, using How and why Corporations are Cultures, some of the cultural characteristics of businesses. Give an example of cultural ideologies. Explain why this method should help you even in dealing with foreign business culture, using Using Skills for Cooperative Advantage in Japan.

4. Anthropologists are interested not only in the cognitive map, but the behaviors that derive from it. Using Life Without Chiefs, When Brothers Share a Wife show how the requirements of societies shape the way we practice marriage, and organize our societies to accomplish ends. How does this organization of relationships affect tribal societies? In a pluralistic state like ours, using Gross, Ethnicity and How we got the Color of our Skin, how do we define and rank people according to their differences. Give examples.

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