Essentials of Biology, science homework help

1. Some scientists believe the impact of human population growth can be related to many environmental problems. Soil erosion and loss of biodiversity due to people moving on to previously unfarmed land are very severe in many developing countries. Air pollution in the cities of many developing countries exceeds internationally recognized standards. Between the use of outdated technology and financial inability to maintain a well-tuned car, many automobiles in the developing world are severe polluters.

Water pollution is mainly a problem due to nutrient loading. The quantity of energy used per person in the developed world is small when compared to the quantity used per person in the under developed world.

Pretend you are a world top human population consultant and major city development planner. An undeveloped country, Country X, is under reform. Your job is to research Country X’s population and serve on a team to redevelop Country X’s most populated areas. Which of the above environmental problems would you address first? Why? Describe your plan.

Must be a minumum of 150 words and must be cited and referenced in APA format.

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