Environmental science essays

Assignment Directions: Using the internet or any other sources that you like, write an essay on each of the following objectives (essays should be 1-2 pages in length (EACH BULLET POINT NEEDS TO BE 1-2 PAGES LONG), single-spaced, no larger than 12-point font):

  • Describe the effect of technology on air, water, and land quality.
  • Identify and describe possible solutions for air, water, and land pollution.
  • Identify and explain measures by which industries and individuals can conserve natural resources and energy.
  • Identify and explain examples of environmental planning and waste management.
  • Describe ecosystems with respect to energy flow, food cycles, pollution, and the impact of man.
  • Describe factors of population dynamics (How does the increase or decrease of a population influence the environment?).
  • Describe at least three different sources of energy and list advantages and disadvantages of each.


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