Environmental justice.Not less than 300 words

Envrionmental JusticeThis week you have been exploring risk assessment and risk management, and what governments can do to prevent potential environmental health issues. Questions arise, however, on the equity of environmental justice. Is it fairly being provided in all situations without any group or community facing an undue amount of risk?

Select a real environmental justice issue that is relevant to your geographic area, if possible, or that is of interest to you. Find a case in which a particular ethnic or SES group has or is bearing an undue share of risk from the location of a noxious site, including an industrial facility, mining waste site, nuclear plant, municipal landfill, Superfund site, incinerator, feedlot, abandoned toxic waste site, or polluted waterway.

After researching,please respond to the following

  • Describe the environmental justice situation, including when it occurred or if it is current.
  • Discuss who is/was facing unequal risk or exposure, including the cultural or SES correlations.
  • Describe what they are/were exposed to, providing supporting information on the level of risk and using scholarly sources such as ATSDR and journal articles as necessary.
  • Explain the risk-management goal, and provide suggestions/examples for communicating the risk and engaging the stakeholders.

Support your discussion by citing at least one primary research article.Do you assignment in APA format with at least two references.

Make it 300 words


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