Envireomental Science

The questions must be in APA format with no minimum word count.

•Please use a scholarly source for your references.

•Each response must have an in text citation

•Please be sure to use proper grammar and English

•Please be specific in the responses

I have also uploaded the textbook from which to research.


  1. How much of the water on earth is fresh? Why is most fresh water unavailable for direct use by organisms?
  2. Describe the zones of aquifers and how the water table changes its position over time.
  3. Describe the terms runoff, watershed, and floodplain.
  4. Thoroughly describe the littoral, benthic, and limnetic zones of a lake.
  5. How does ice protect lake organisms from freezing?
  6. Describe upwelling and down welling in oceans
  7. Thoroughly describe the intertidal, littoral, photic, benthic, and pelagic zones in the ocean.
  8. Describe the Walker Circulation pattern of air around the equator and then describe how it changes during an El Nino event.
  9. What drives the tides?
  10. What causes freshwater and saltwater inputs into estuaries to change over time?
  11. What two strains does the bottled water industry put on the environment
  12. Name three ways our society can move towards more sustainable water use.
  13. What is the benefit of using oxygen in cellular respiration?
  14. Describe the four layers of the atmosphere starting at the surface of the planet and going up in altitude.
  15. Describe convective circulation in the atmosphere.
  16. What is an inversion layer? How does it form?

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