ecological issue, environmental science homework help

Pick an ecological issue of your choice, (pollution, ozone depletion, etc…). Use the concepts learned in class, especially the concept of ecology, to explain the issue and how you would envisage solutions. You may use the class material, including text, scientific articles and video clips. You may certainly interview persons involved in the resolution of the ecological issue and specify if you yourself are also helping in finding a solution. Specify as well if there are obstacles or resistance to resolving the issue.

Your paper should be no longer than 3 pages, plus a presentation page with your name, and a 5th page to include the bibliography. You may pick the editorial style of your choice (ASA, APA, etc.) but you should remain consistent throughout the paper. Spacing should be 1.5 and font Times New Roman.

Only 20% of the paper may come from Internet sites that you will rigorously reference. Beware the program Turn it in will indicate your use of Internet sites. The paper is due on December 11, 7:00 pm .

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