Earth and the Solar System are both popular subjects for the public at large these days.

Again, see the rubric below for details.

Topic Selection

The topic developed in the article you choose for your essay can be a minor part of the course, as long as it is contained somewhere within the course readings or videos. As such, you do not require pre-approval for your topic of choice. Just pick a media article relevant to the course and proceed with your research.

Once your post is complete, you should post it to your Small Group by clicking the link below in this folder. This will take you to your assigned Small Group. Load your Post 1 by starting a new thread on the Discussion Board of your Small Group. Assign your thread a suitable title that references the article you used as the subject of your Post 1. You can upload it anytime during the time interval that the assignment is open (from March 7, noon until March 14, 11 PM). Please note, LATE ESSAYS WILL NOT BE MARKED. ***Don’t forget to attach a copy of the original article that you reviewed to your Post 1 as a PDF file. Alternatively you can create a direct link to your original media article title and make that live by writing out the articles title and then clicking the paperclip symbol in the offered options menu. Paste in the required link to the article and click ‘open in new window’).

LINK THAT I HAVE CHOSEN: I will be analyzing the following article:

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