Crisis is replete with paradoxes. It has both danger and opportunity, a need for fast responses yet there are no quick fixes. It is universal yet idiosyncratic. How can these be true? 

Briefly discuss a crisis that has occurred in your life (keep the story short – the story words are not included in your word count). The crisis should be in the distant past (more than 3 years ago). The emphasis of your post should be not so much on the crisis but on the paradoxes it presented.

Looking back on the crisis how does it appear different now than it was immediately after it happened? This sets us all thinking about the nature of crises in our lives and how we perceive them differently. Please share with the class your experiences and thoughts. 

Start your own labelled (with your name) discussion thread. It is my hope that your stories will enlighten your classmates on your perspective of crisis and how you view the paradoxes in it. Your first post should be original and posted by no later than Wednesday. Your second response to a peer should be completed by Saturday and should add value, depth, or understanding to what the peer wrote. Incorporate concepts from the chapter readings and scriptures for both posts. The rubric for this post and your reply to classmates is heavily weighted toward seeing what you have incorporated from the text and how you synthesized it to your case.

In answering the above question, answer using between 215-230 words per post (not longer). Make sure you follow APA style with citations and references and remember your crisis experience is not part of the word count. Only the wording for your answer to the above question is part of the word count.

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